Posted by: wesleysensei | September 22, 2008

Fast and the Furious: Osato Drift

Finally! After agreeing to buy my car about three weeks ago, I have finally received it! The story of getting the car should really be a blog of its own but I’ll spare you. Point is that today I was tracked down by the shop teacher who told me the car dealer brought my car to school. Rather than go outside, I waited at the front door with my JTE and met the dealer.When we got to the office, the office manager (secretary) almost instantly placed a cup of warm green tea in front of the guest. After a sip, he got out the official paperwork and began speaking in Japanese. The good news was that my JTE was there to help translate. The bad news is that I definitely was kept out of a lot of things. Perhaps the information wasn’t too important; however, it’s not a great feeling to be clueless about contracts your signing. With so many papers to sign and stamp (using my hanko) I finally learned how to spell my name in katakana ( エス —  ジュリアン).

I’ve kinda felt pressured into buying this car by my JTE as well as the dealer and I have this elaborate conspiracy that I HAD to buy the car. Little things confirm my suspicion every once and a while; however, I always end up thinking the deal is legit. When the dealer grinned after seeing the wad of money I had I shifted back into conspiracy mode.

I trust my JTE though and am confident that the car will be fine. Sure it doesn’t have any airbags; sure it doesn’t have ABS; sure it doesn’t have an alarm system; and yes, it only has a cassette player, but I know it’s gonna be great.

Here are some pictures of the Suzuki Wagon R


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