Posted by: wesleysensei | October 30, 2008

Pikachu and Volleyball

Alright, so the “under construction” sign was a little lame. I had a busy end of the week and didn’t take the time to write the post. Anyway…

So on Wednesday I had to go to Miyake Elementary and teach a Halloween lesson. I shouldn’t admit this but the night before I stayed up way too late because I had procrastinated planning out the lesson. Now, I had some ideas and sort of knew what I was going to do but not well enough to teach. Unfortunately, it seems I have not grown out of the college mentality where I would wait till the morning of to write papers. The good news is that–just like in college–my procrastination on Tuesday night worked out just fine; my lesson at Miyake went really well.

Perhaps some of the success was do to the awesome Pikachu costume I wore to school:

The lesson involved drawing monsters, counting body parts, and a direction game. The latter was the most fun and took up the majority of class time. I drew a little house on the right of the board and a starting area on the left side. In the  middle was a maze of ghouls, goblins, witches, spiders, and bats. A random student would come to the board and choose a character to lead home. He was then blindfolded and the class had to lead him home using the directions up, down, left, and right. Some of the classes got so out of control loud that I had to add the rule of using only whispers.

All in all the lesson and day went well. The only bad part was that the students were constantly grabbing my tail and pulling me. I eventually had to sternly same “Dame!” (dah-may) which means stop. Otherwise I guarantee my tail would have been ripped right off!

The next day I was back at Osato Junior High School and found out that the afternoon was going to involve volleyball at the town gym. Little did I know that it was a Osato-wide teachers meeting with the focus being a recreational mixer. I showed up at the gym and saw every teacher lined up with their respective school. There were two courts set up and five schools represented. I of course went to the JHS line because that is my base school. When the Miyake Elementary teachers saw me the immediately came over and grabed me by the arm. I joked with a teacher from each school that they should “Jan-ken” (rock, paper, scissors) for me but I decided to play with Miyake because they had less teachers.

The first game started and I was placed right in front of the net because of my height. Unfortunately, I was told that guys were not allowed to jump or spike the ball. The good news though was that I was tall enough that I could reach my hands up and block the ball. This came in handy many times and was a great source of laughter for all the teachers.

After our first game–which we won–I was asked to sit out against the next team because they were all short. Not sure if this was Japanese indirectness or what but the team was really small. It’s too bad I didn’t play because we ended up losing and the short team ended up getting first place overall. Oh well, it was still really fun to play once and to watch my coworkers play Volleyball.

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  1. where did you get ur costume ?

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