Posted by: wesleysensei | November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Three nights of decadence.

Day 1: It all started in Sendai on Friday for Halloween night. I dressed up in the same Pikachu costume from when I taught at Elementary school. This time, however, I added a fitting red/white trucker hat a la Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The costume was a big hit and I had random Japanese people come up to me all night asking for pictures. There was one though who said I was too big to be Pikachu. She kept saying that throughout the night, which got really annoying. And so, I decided to change and say I was Pikachu’s father because of my size, glasses, and alcohol consumption. Some pictures from the night are at the bottom:

Day 2:Following after party karaoke, some ALTs and I headed to our hotel room and crashed. The next day, we and two others spent the day in Sendai exploring around. By the evening everyone else headed out of the city to go home. I, however, stayed because my teachers at OJHS were having a drinking party in Sendai. I never had a proper enkai with the staff so I wanted to make sure I made it to this party. A little hungover still I showed up to the restaurant and stayed for three hours. The event was all you can drink and I made the mistake of switching to whiskey. I did it primarily because one of the “cool” teachers was drinking whiskey and I wanted to be like “hey, we can drink whiskey in America too.” The problem though was that for the rest of the night they only ordered me half full rocks glasses of Wild Turkey; it was out of control but I stayed in control for the most part. The night ended with a rather hilarious train ride back home with some of the teachers.

Day 3: Today was another public holiday (Culture Day) and so there was no school. So on Sunday I headed up north to Kurihara where a lot of my ALT friends live. We had intentions of keeping it calm so we could sleep and go to the festival in the morning. Well, one of those actually happened. We did go to the festival today, however, the night before started with some video games and ended with a sexual toned game of truth or day.

That was my Halloween Weekend.


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