Posted by: wesleysensei | November 10, 2008

Man Weekend and an Underground Fetus

So this past weekend the girls of (Northern) Miyagi were busy attending a bachelorette party so us guys decided to have our own party. Hence, Man Weekend was born.

The Kurihara boys decided to host the event because one of them has a house rather than an apartment. Though it is a J-house it is still bigger than a J-apartment and was the best choice for a location. What made Kurihara even better is that it is home to one of the most strange, off the wall, Japanese attractions: Mine Park.

On Friday night we decided to stay in rather than go to the one bar in the town because the seven of us showing up to the place would automatically make it crowded. No complaints here as staying at the house made for an opportunity to show one of the greatest (Chuck Norris) movies ever: Invasion U.S.A. Combine that with a new line of beer, Kirin Strong Seven, and you have a great start to Man Weekend.

The next day came a little too soon as the Strong Seven turned out to be a little stronger than we thought. Either way we still were up and ready to take on Mine Park by 11:00. That is, after a quick bite to eat at Maramatsu, a chain Applebee’s/Denny’s kinda place.

After brunch we headed on the road to find one of the area’s only tourist attractions. We had all heard about the place but were not sure how to get there. We did circles looking for the place but concluded that being lost was part of the magic Mine Park offered. We eventually found the park and joined the other 4-5 people visiting that day. **As a side note, I want to say that I’m baffled as to how places stay in business here. Often times shops, restaurants, parks etc. seem abandoned, and yet, they are fully functional and in working condition** In any event, the place was open, we payed for our tickets, and headed inside the cave entrance.

The entire “park” was underground and consisted of mining displays as if it was a museum. After about six to eight mine themed stops everything started to get random. It all started with a spiral staircase that led to a glowing, futuristic, Matrix-esk Fetus. I’m not lying:

Underground Fetus!

The rooms then went from lazer show, to Dinosaur, to Egyptian, to mythical forest. It was quite random and entirely hilarious. The Mine Park did not end once we left the “cave.” Instead, we discovered a giant metal slide built into the hill next to the cave. Here is a video of the Mine Park Experience put together by a friend of mine (not the park).

*give it some time to load



  1. epic music yo…and that place looks just as you describe it…random

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