Posted by: wesleysensei | November 17, 2008

It’s Elementary

This past weekend was a blast. It involved travel to Sendai for a bit, then up to Kurihara, then over to Kesennuma for Karaoke and an Oyster Festival! The karaoke involved 25 other ALTs and was definitely the largest J-Karaoke I’ve ever been to. At first I thought it would never work but once the nomi began everything was great.

The week has arrived though and it’s back to work. At the junior high school the students have a big exam day on Friday. The majority of this week will just be review and preparations for the big test(s). For this reason–I suppose–two of Osato’s elementary schools have asked me to come and teach. Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday I will be doing elementary school lessons and teaching grades 1-6.

I have taught on this level twice now and both times were fun and rewarding. The two schools I will visit this week are new to me so there’s no telling what will happen. I’m hoping they will be just as fun and awesome as the first school I went to. Luckily, I get to do my jiko-shoukai for two of the lessons which means I already have the lessons planned out. Wednesday though I will have already done the shoukai which means I will have to do an actual English lesson! Unlike at junior high, I have to be in charge in elementary school; I go from ASSISTANT Language Teacher to Language Teacher. Chances are I will write up about two of the three days on Thursday when I post again.

Until then.


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