Posted by: wesleysensei | November 24, 2008

J-Thanksgiving and Potato Chips

This weekend was quite exciting. It all began with some ALTs and I planning a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. We were unable to get a Turkey in time and also we weren’t sure we could actually cook the thing! All of our ovens…errr..microwaves that can be used as ovens were too small. Instead we decided to have chicken as the main dish and one of my Canadian friends volunteered his Maple Chicken recipe. The only “traditional” Thanksgiving dishes were stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pies. The Thanksgiving dinner was more of a pot-luck dinner than anything else.

About fifteen of us packed into on apartment and tried to cook most of the food there. Big mistake. I think we lost power three or four times because we overloaded the breaker. We ended up having to eat half the food first while the other half finished cooking. What’s strange is that even with fifteen people in the house, it was cold! Japanese winter is supposed to be pretty harsh, however, I think it’s more so the poor construction of many Japanese homes. The lack of insulation makes the challenge of heating up even a room that much more difficult.

On Sunday, I had to wake up early to leave by 7:45 a.m. for a soccer game with my local dentist. He and his wife are known for basically adopting the Osato JET and they have had me over to dinner, taken me to dinner, watched soccer matches with me, and invited me to play on their soccer team. The team name is Football Club Potato Chip, or FCPC for short.

I have played with the team before but was invited again to play with the team. They play in a league in Shiogama, a town near Osato, and have official jerseys and everything. The game was a lot of fun and we ended up winning 2-1. The best part was getting another invite for the game next Sunday. Below is a picture of the might FCPC:




  1. That’s the beard you’re growing? hahah! Thats tight…thats tight.

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