Posted by: wesleysensei | December 4, 2008

Mortal Kombat and Christmas

My sick face mask. Literally

My sick face mask. Literally

On Monday I called in sick to work because I was in no condition to go to work. I’m going to blame running around in the freezing cold in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt for 90 minutes with FCPC (see From Vacation to Real Life). No matter the cause, I was bed ridden and work was too much. After double digit hours of sleep and rest I felt much better Tuesday and headed into school. Normally the school is cold in the mornings because the heaters are started up when the first person comes in around 6 or 7 a.m. However, I was a lot colder than usual and kept experiencing chills. I resorted to filling up my coffee mug with hot water just to hold it and stay warm. Something wasn’t right.

Around 10:30 I headed to the nurse’s office to ask her to take my temperature. I looked up the word for thermometer and formed the Japanese sentence in my head. Upon asking she knew what I was asking for and invited me to sit down. She handed me the thermometer and I motioned towards my mouth as if that’s where it was supposed to go. I must have looked like a fool. It wasn’t a rectal thermometer–thank god–but was made to be placed in the armpit. I placed the thermometer under my arm and minutes later it started beeping. When the nurse read the temperature her eyes opened wide and she said something in Japanese, probably not good. She showed me and it was 38.4 C (~101.4 F).

Immediately she took me back to the staff room and rather than taking me to Kocho-sensei stopped in the middle of the room to announce my temperature to everyone. The first word uttered by anyone was “Goodbye.” I mean, I was feeling chills sure but I had eaten breakfast and kept it down and figured I could make it through the day. I’ll never know because the school made me go home.

A few hours later, I was home in bed and I got a call from the Board of Education. I hear “From now Ito-san goes your apartment.” Translation: my supervisor was on his way to my apartment to take me to the clinic. I couldn’t say no or even “hold on I have to get out of bed and dressed.” Instead, I said “ok,” jumped out of bed, got dressed, and waited by the door. The doctor’s visit was quicker than last time and I got another prescription of snowman poop (see Visiting the Clinic: Long Lines and Funny Drugs). Maybe it worked because by Wednesday morning I was back to full health and headed to school.

This is where Mortal Kombat comes in the story. At school I had to wear one of the face masks that are oh so popular in Asia. Turns out, they’re not that comfortable and are terrible if you wear glasses. There is really no way to avoid fogging up your glasses every time you breathe! Perhaps one good feature is that the provide a great way to check the smell of your breath. Thankfully, I had mints in my desk since I would have to smell my breath all day long.

In other news, I found a (fake) Christmas tree that my predecessor left in my locker at school along with a shoe box full of ornaments. I brought them home yesterday and set up the tree tonight. Here are some pictures:


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