Posted by: wesleysensei | December 8, 2008

Vegalta and Jazz Clubs

This past Saturday I went into Sendai with some ALT friends to go see another Vegalta Sendai game. Last time we went we sat in the regular section, but this time we were sure to sit in the supporter section. The atmosphere was electric and made the game a lot more enjoyable. It might be hard to believe but ONLY the supporter section cheers and chants; the non-supporter section sits in a coma-like state!

Sitting with thousands of other Vegalta fans I was able to learn a lot of the team chants and by the end of the game I was singing along. Most of them actually use English instead of Japanese. The funniest by far is “Hey. Hey. Hey. Why don’t you Su-por-to Sendai.” Those lyrics are chanted to a rhythm and accompanied by hand movements similar to flight commands.

Vegalta scored a decent goal and ended up winning the game 1-0. Next year I’m thinking about buying season tickets or something so I can always be in the supporter section AND so I can have a seat. Our tickets this past Saturday were “standing only,” so we had to find an empty aisle and stand.

After the game, some of my friends had to go home. The rest of us decided to stick around and spend the night in Sendai. Just like last time I was in the city (see Fate, Elevators, and a Night in Sendai), I didn’t have any set plan. And…just like last time the night ended up being a blast!

We went to a tasty–but slightly pricey–Mexican restaurant by Sendai station. The place had style and definitely merits a second visit. Plus, it’s the only place I know of where I can get Mexican in the area. We hung out in the restaurant for a while enjoying the warmth and atmosphere. Eventually we decided to go explore and find something to do. I knew of some places because of my last adventure in Sendai so I led the way. Unfortunately we missed the first place and the second place required reservations because it was so packed!

We walked around for a while looking for a new place and decided that a jazz club/bar was ideal. Sendai seems to have somewhat of a jazz scene because we discovered about three new places. The last one we went to was small, dimly lit, and felt right. The best part was we saw a band setting up and assumed there would be live music; we were right. The best part was that after sitting down we were approached by a waitress who asked us for drink orders and if we played any instruments! Turns out that every first Saturday of the month the club has an open mic set up where people can come in to have a session. The music was pretty good and the mood was right.

Another great night had in Sendai.


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