Posted by: wesleysensei | December 12, 2008

Santa and Christmas Carols

Today I had the opportunity to play Santa Clause for the first time…EVER. I know, I know…the post is one day late. I went to bed early last night and did not post for the first time in four months. Sorry. However, the wait was totally worth it as Friday was waaaaaaay more interesting than Thursday (or Wednesday). I had to go to Osato’s Kindergarten today and had to dress in a Santa costume. The “lesson” was me as Santa and the students asking me questions and getting their picture with me! What an easy lesson! I’ve never played Santa before today but I must say it was really fun!! There are pictures at the end of the blog. ‘

Also, today was my Yakuba (town office)’s bounenkai (year end party). The agenda includes lots of speeches and even more drinks. For some unknown reason…I was asked to stand up and sing an American Christmas song. The video is posted at the end of the blog.

Apologies once again for not posting yesterday.



  1. So, do you find yourself throwing up a peace sign every time you’re in front of a camera now?

  2. You’d never get away with playing Santa Claus over here. Glad you finally got your chance too. Being fat isn’t all its cracked up to be is it?

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