Posted by: wesleysensei | February 2, 2009


I remember lockdowns at school back when I was in High School, but Osato’s was very different. The Junior High School became a fortress for one whole day not for any bomb threat or something, but rather for exams. I knew something was up when I arrived to school and the teachers parking lot was blocked off by two saw-horses with a crossed pair of brooms in front. Like the teacher who was arriving right before me, I pulled up to the barrier, got out, moved the barrier, drove 10 feet, put the barrier back, and then drove to my parking space.

When I walked up to the second floor, I noticed the fire doors were down and I had to take a different way to the office. As I made my way through the school I saw lots of other barricades around the building. I think the 9th grade students were taking high school entrance exams, which is a very serious test. The entire process seems to be overwhelming for many students who are only fourteen years old.

The 7th and 8th graders were also taking tests that day but my teacher called the tests “Midterms.” Strange because we go to school all year round, but more so because the final exams are only two weeks away!


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