Posted by: wesleysensei | February 5, 2009

Mario Again!

So last time I went to Kasukawa Elementary School, I noticed a kid wearing a Mario costume. This was way past Halloween so I ruled that out. What then explained the gamer get-up and mustache taped to his upper lip? I’m not sure but all the kids loved him and told me he was Mario. I took a picture with my phone and still get a kick out of it to this day.

I just had another visit to the same school and the same kid was wearing a costume. This time: Luigi. I mean, he had the entire costume from head to toe. This time the kids ran up to me and said: Luigi! Ok, I couldn’t understand because last time Mario didn’t show up in any of the classes. I looked for Luigi every class I went to but I never saw him.

At recess I went outside to play with the kids and noticed an 8-bit character running towards me. Good thing I wasn’t a gumba because I would have been toast, literally. The kid had changed and turned into FIRE MARIO!

So, I’m convinced this kid must be in a special needs class that I don’t visit OR he somehow changes into the costume during play breaks outside. Either way, I’m very curious as to who I’ll see next time.




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