Posted by: wesleysensei | February 16, 2009

A Night of Horror!

I was sitting at work two week ago when I realized that Friday the 13th was approaching. Having just seen an advertisement for the remake of the horror film Friday the 13th, I got the idea of throwing a horror movie party at my apartment. First things first I got on Facebook and made an official event page and invited the ALTs of Northern Miyagi. Well, most of them at least. My apartment is only so big which means I can’t have everyone over at once.

There ended up being 12 people who said they were coming. Luckily there were no more because I can’t fit the many people in my apartment for the night. That and no one wants to have 13 guests, especially on Friday the 13th.

The Night of Horror began quite innocently with a game of Pass the Pigs while we waited for all the guests the arrive. If you haven’t heard of Pass the Pigs then open up a new tab and google it; the game is quite fun.

Once everyone showed up we packed into my living room and started watching the scary movies. First up was The Strangers, a thriller from 2008 that got poor reviews but looked good. The second was Friday the 13th, the original, and the third was A Nightmare on Elm Street, also the orginial. The Strangers would have been a lot better had it not been for constant “commentary” from a few of my friends. Why do people think it’s ok to talk through movies anyway?


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