Posted by: wesleysensei | April 6, 2009

New Teachers, New Desk, New School Year

The school year in Japan begins in April, which might make more sense the beginning in the fall like many of us are used to. After all, April is right at the beginning of spring when nature starts it’s cycle again; Sakura trees are blooming and in feels right that school is starting again.

The new school year has brought a lot of changes to my daily life thus far and classes haven’t even started yet. First, all the teachers moved their desks. I found the day of the move and thought I would be immune since I was an ALT and my job wasn’t changing. Nope. I too had to move desks. I had a decent seat in the middle of the office that faced big, tall windows. Not to complain, but desk now faces a wall and is right by any traffic to the phone, copier, and break room. The day I moved my desk I had two people comment on whatever I was doing on my computer. So, my new desk leaves my computer use open to commentary by any passerby.

The desk moving was because the teachers who didn’t leave were shuffled around to different grades. Last school year I sat with the ni-nen-sei teachers but now we all moved to the san-nen-sei block. The move made way for the new staff who started just last week. There are eight new staff members, but I haven’t tried talking with any of them in English. It’s always a hope of mine that a staff member is just gonna bust out perfect English and be interested in talking about things in English. Hey, an ALT can dream.

The best part about the new school year is also somewhat sad. My amazing JTE was the coach of the Table Tennis club last year, but the emphasis is on “was.” She was moved to Kendo club for this school year. She loves the students in the Table Tennis club and has devoted herself to their improvement. Sadly, the Kendo coach was one of the teachers who was transferred so my JTE had to take over since she played Kendo in school. Though I genuinly feel sorry for my JTE, I must admit that I’m excited that she, more than anyone else, took over Kendo. I’m interested in learning Kendo and my Kocho-sensei has yet again asked me to join. Now that my JTE is the coach I will be able to communicate during practice and hopefully be able to learn Kendo.

That’s all for this ramble.


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