Posted by: wesleysensei | June 4, 2009

Correction: Disaster Drills AND Creeper Drills

Ok, I was wrong. Japan does have fire drills and earthquake drills. A few posts back (“Some things are International…”) I said that my school did not have any drills. Well, today we had an earthquake drill. I would love to recount it, but I was unaware of it until it was half way over! No one told me about the drill this morning so I wasn’t prepared. Granted, I noticed something scheduled for 4th period but couldn’t translate the kanji. I plan on doing that after I finish this post.

The other drill we’ve had since that post a few weeks ago was what I like to call “The Creeper Drill.” After writing that my JHS didn’t have any safety drills, we had a drill to practice what to do if a stranger comes into the classroom. I found this a little odd because at this point the school had not conducted any other drills; the first one I experienced was the what if scenario of a sketch ball coming to school.

I noticed a long time ago these long poles with crescent moon shape ends in the staff room. I decided they were for holding or putting something up in hard to reach places. After concluding this I thought no more of them.

Ten minutes before the creeper drill started I was informed of it by my JTE. Confused and totally excited, I grabbed my camera and was ready to fulfill my role. I was to tend to a student who was attacked by the intruder and help carry him outside. A siren began to wail when the drill started and police officers and men in suits were monitoring the halls. I thought it wise not to whip out the camera and make a mockery of the serious (and potential??) threat. My teachers grab the poles from the staff room and head to the room with the creeper. No way. the poles couldn’t be…

Yes. The poles are designed to trap and restrain a person. One of the newbie male teachers was playing the role of the creeper and holding the infamous clear plastic umbrella to distinguish himself as an anonymous stranger. The other male teachers, armed with a long metal pole, approached him cautiously and were speaking like negotiators. They trapped the intruder in the corner while I stood by the “injured” student. Another teacher and I carried the student down two flights of stairs and to the front of the school on a stretcher. The rest of the student body was already assembled there.

What followed was a speech by the policeman and man in a suit. As previously stated, I don’t speak Japanese and my understanding is limited; however, the jest of the speech was this:

“The Internet can be dangerous and so can cell phones. Don’t give out your information to sketchy people and don’t invite them to school.”

Here are two pictures that I was able to take covertly:



  1. Wes, this is hilarious! Apparently this is a real problem or something…do you notice strange people often coming into school? I especially love the poles for cornering the stranger. oh man. still laughing!

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