Posted by: wesleysensei | October 14, 2009

Grasshoppers and Dinosaurs

I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you how delicious school lunch is here in Osato. Everyone is required to purchase the lunch, and it is therefore tastier than a lunch from a program with no money. I tend to eat–and by tend to eat I mean almost always eat–with the teachers in the staff room because I want access to seconds; the food is that good.

Whenever I go to elementary school, however, I am made to eat with the students. There are two issues with this scenario: I’m not in the teacher’s room where I can get seconds, and the portions are always smaller at elementary school. Don’t get me wrong. I love to eat with the students; eating together is a way to promote internationalization and English education…but I don’t get seconds.

Anyway, last week I was at 粕川小学校 (Kasukawa Shogakko (Elementary)) eating with the second graders. I had a blast talking with the students and forgot about my second grade lunch portion. What I didn’t forget though was what was offered to me as an appetizer:  grasshoppers.

I was surprised enough the be served insects during lunch, but was more surprised that most of the second graders got excited about the treat! The grasshoppers were coated in something sweet like brown sugar, but was distinguishable as a grasshopper. I ate it–as any true ALT would–and took in the experience. After the first few bites, my mouth turned from down to a slight grin. The bug was pretty good and I could hardly feel the crunchy legs and antennas in my mouth.


As for the dino part, I went to visit my friend Rothgeb who is a fellow Hampden-Sydney alumnus and JET who is living in Fukui-ken. This was my first time visiting Fukui because it’s so far away from where I live. It took me over six hours by multiple bullet trains. Upon arriving I knew I made the right choice in coming to visit. I hadn’t seen Rothgeb in far too long and I got to explore a different prefecture. Fukui was beautiful and had a lot to offer. The best, however, was the Dinosaur Museum. That’s right. Fukui has the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in all of Japan. Reason being, Fukui-ken used to be a dino-haven back in the day, or at least a lot of dinosaurs died there.

Here are some pictures from the grasshopper lunch and Fukui:


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