Posted by: wesleysensei | December 3, 2009

Holidays and Big Tests

Thanksgiving in Japan technically exists. November 23rd is “Labour Thanksgiving Day” (Kinro Kansha no hi) and is an official public holiday. Don’t be fooled. There is no turkey and certainly no stuffing or cranberry sauce. Last year a fellow ALT hosted a pot-luck Thanksgiving party that was fun but not exactly a home-style, traditional Thanksgiving. I wanted something different this year. Basically, I wanted Turkey.

Fortunately, I was told about this amazing website ( that sells a large variety of meats and delivers to Japan. About a week before Labour Thanksgiving Day I ordered a frozen Turkey and had it shipped to my apartment. It came right on time, frozen, and with a stuffing mix and cranberry sauce. Mission Accomplished.

Now came the hard part: cooking the bird. See, here in Japan we don’t have ovens. Some of us lucky ALTs have microwaves that can turn into convection ovens. I don’t want to downplay the effectiveness of a convection oven, because our’s worked perfectly. I would love to add pictures, but the ones I have are bitmap files and WordPress doesn’t like those. Send me a message and I can email you the photos if you’d like.

In other news…

I PASSED the Kanji test! I am now an officially certified Japanese 2nd grader when it comes to Kanji. It’s not quite the JLPT, but I’ll take it. I’m very excited about having passed the test. In June I will take the 3rd grade (or maybe ever 4th grade) test!

I would like to have taken the JLPT, but the LSAT is on the same day and is more important to me than the former.

Lastly, I wanted to show a picture of the Christmas tree I have on my school desk. Thank you to the Utzingers for sending me the tree last year!

Update: I was able to get a Thanksgiving picture!



  1. Considering the potential for thanksgiving fail that looks pretty good

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