Posted by: wesleysensei | June 11, 2011

Sushi Rolling Experience

After our first volunteer day we headed back to our lovely hostel to take part in a sushi rolling class that we had signed up for the day before. Wesley had made rolls like this before, but after several trips and living in Japan for two years I had never made one for myself! We had three awesome teachers who the hostel invites every few weeks to do this class. It was only 200 yen so we were far below our budget for the day which was great. We had a long chat with our teachers afterward and got to practice our Japanese and even a little geography! The hostel videotaped it and threw it up on their website so we’ll link to that for you all to see. I’m not sure about Wesley, but I’ve been meaning to have a little sushi making party back in Florida and now I’ve got the sushi know-how to lead it.

We “borrowed” a plate of sushi and hid it in our room for an evening snack.









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