Posted by: wesleysensei | June 23, 2011

Pictures. Words later?

The second picture is of me taken on the way to a worksite. We have been moving locations almost daily because through teamwork and all day hours we are able to finish our jobs quickly. The work ranges from removing sludge/mud to breaking down walls to general cleaning.

The third picture is of Will leading Taiso (exercises) in the morning. In Japan there are official national exercises that almost everyone knows. It’s accompanied by music and an announcer counting and instructing. Will was pointed to by everyone in his group and thus chosen to lead for the morning. Well done Will.

The first picture is from an Onsen (Japanese bath) we were taken to the other day. It was a surprise to us because we didn’t expect to shower the whole time we were working in Ishinomaki. The best part was that it was an onset that I passed countless times on my drive up to see Canon and Will. The bath was refreshing and much needed. Sadly, we are already back to smelling bad and feeling gross. The wet wipe bathing method is better than nothing but not too great.

Lastly, the reason I am able to post this today is because it is raining today and we haven’t been sent to work yet. I think we’ll likely go in the afternoon as the sky seems to be clearing up.

Oh, and we are ok from the quake this morning. There was a minor tsunami warning in Iwate Prefecture but we were ok here in Miyagi.

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