Posted by: wesleysensei | June 27, 2011

Break Time

Will and I have finished our first week working with Peace Boat in Ishinomaki. Our Internet access was limited–as was our spare time–so we weren’t able to update as frequently as we wanted. Now that we are taking a week break and visiting friends around Miyagi, we should be able to update more often and be available if anyone wants to Skype.

So, the first week went by a lot quicker than I expected. I must admit that by Saturday I was ready for a break (and a shower!). Though I’m looking forward to this week and to traveling around beautiful Miyagi, I do feel like a week is too long. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to see my friends and I do want to enjoy Miyagi, but I don’t need a full week off from volunteering with Peace Boat. Had we just this weekend, we could have showered, relaxed, and recharged for another week. The organization, however, is somewhat strict about joining the relief effort. They have developed an effective volunteer system, but in doing so have made it difficult for anyone just to show up and work. Because of this, Will and I are not able to start back in Ishinomaki until July 2nd, when we will again work for a week.

Currently–as in, right now as I type–Will and I are on the Tohoku Honsen headed to Ichinoseki where we will transfer to the Ofunato Sen and head to Kesennuma, Will’s former town. We’ll stay overnight and then head back to the Sakai’s house in Rifu. Being on this train and seeing Miyagi is bringing out a nostalgia for my JET years; it’s overwhelming at times.

I’m going to end this post there because I’d like to look out the window and admire the view.

While I do that, check out some more photos from our trip and feel free to read previous posts.
















  1. It’s great to see the work you two are doing! Keep it up! Much love to Miyagi!

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