Posted by: wesleysensei | July 2, 2011

Buoy Buoy! Ooooh baby when are we gonna go?!

Will and I have finished our time off and are back in Ishinomaki volunteering. We were quite surprised, however, to learn–upon our arrival–that we would not be returning to Kasuka Fashion, where we stayed last time. Instead, we are staying at Senshu University on the school grounds in tents. As I sit in the dark with mosquitos buzzing around I can easily tell this will be a different experience; when I go to bed tonight and share a small tent with 5 strangers, I will certainly notice a difference.

Our work and work site has also been changed. We are no longer cleaning houses and shoveling mud. Today and for this week we will drive about an hour away to a small port where oysters were farmed. Our work is to untangle the 15000¥ buoys and clear the debris. The smell of oysters roasting for three months in the sun is something to experience.

There is more to come I suppose, but I should retire. We’ll post some pictures tomorrow and maybe write up another article about our experience visiting Sakai-sensei’s school.

Until then…


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