Posted by: wesleysensei | August 14, 2011

Another Journey Begins

As Will Barringer and I were leaving Japan in July, we got word of a program that was inviting JET Alumni from Tohoku to return to their former towns for one week. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs created this program, the Tohoku Invitation Program, with the goal of reuniting JETs with their communities and promoting travel in Japan. In other words, the government is attempting a grassroots PR campaign designed to get the word out about Japan’s safety and progress post 3/11.

And here I am, a lucky participant, waiting at the airport ready to return once again to Japan. The trip will be 7 days which is a bit short, but not as short as my trip last summer for my sister’s wedding where I flew into America on a Friday and flew out to Japan on Tuesday. We are boarding now, so I’ll cut this one short. Expect lots of updates and pictures of my travels.


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