Posted by: wesleysensei | August 17, 2011

International Breakfast

I have noticed something through my limited international travels: breakfast is the one meal that you can only really get in your home country. That is to say that breakfast is sightly different all over the world and it’s one meal that’s hard to find just the way you like it unless you’re in your home country. Lunch and dinner are easy because in today’s world we eat various cuisines from different cultures. Breakfast, however, is a sacred, protected meal. Rarely are we so adventurous that we opt for an international breakfast.

Yesterday morning was an exception.

I was staying in the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo and had a breakfast coupon that allowed me one free breakfast any of the restaurants in the hotel. Naturally, I went for the American breakfast buffet. Too bad the line was about twenty people long; I might like pancakes and eggs but not if it means a forty minute wait. I instead decided to go to the Japanese breakfast buffet which had no wait and was right next door. Here’s where it gets interesting…I was glad to have chosen the Japanese breakfast because I’ve come to like it and I can’t possible find a place in Virginia where it is served. My meal consisted of the following: salmon, sama (a type of fish), rice, miso soup, tofu, cabbage, sausage, Japanese-style eggs, yogurt, coffee, and milk.
I really wish I had brought my camera that morning because I wanted to take a picture to show you and because I had an urge to just take a picture of my meal. Maybe I am slowly turning Japanese.



  1. Personally, I love the breakfast at the Glass Court… 😉 I always ate there when I was TOA.


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