Posted by: wesleysensei | August 18, 2011

Matsushima ah


Matsushima ah, a-ah Matsushima ah, Matsushima ah.

This is my favorite haiku written about the coastal town of Matsushima, Miyagi both because of its simplicity and effectiveness at capturing the view of the Matsushima.

When I was in the earthquake in March, I was next to Matsushima in Osato so I didn’t experience the tsunami first hand. I was certain though that being on the water, Matsushima would not have escaped the raging water. It wasn’t until this trip that I realized the town was safe and the tourist destinations were unaffected. In my head this past March I was unsettled by mental images of the islands, temples, and shops–that I had visited countless times–underwater or swept away. I was pleased and relieved to see none of that when I went yesterday.

Matsushima is famous across the country as one of the “three great views of Japan”, and tourists come from all over to admire its natural beauty. I am happy to report that yesterday the town was bustling with visitors and workers were taking down decorations and tents from Obon (a Japanese holiday) festivities the days before.


I will put the rest in pictures:












  1. SO glad to see Matsushima is fine!!!!

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